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Generator B2B Multi-Channel eCommerce

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Today’s business-to-business (B2B) buyers are busy professionals that now prefer efficient time saving self-serve, and are increasingly more demanding.

The bar is set high in their expectation of a fast-paced eCommerce process, and how they want to work effectively with suppliers. The Generator ensures that these buyer’s who are your customers will have a superior buying experience by creating an intuitive, smooth eCommerce flow throughout their entire buying and fulfillment journey.

The Generator Business-to-Business eCommerce Platform has the capability to customize its services to meet the specific needs of any business, allowing them to have a unique and efficient online store without having to create one from scratch.

The Generator is built from the ground up for B2B companies in need of more effective sales and marketing driven eCommerce touch-points. The platform can easily integrate with existing systems, and not only provides outstanding e-Commerce, but it also streamlines all related business workflows in the process delivering overall efficiency and more cost-effective operations.

The innovative platform combines a comprehensive tech stack for inventory, order, and warehouse management systems. It is designed to meet the needs of growing businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. By combining inventory management with order management and warehouse management, the Generator ensures superior fulfillment processes. It allows businesses to maintain accurate stock levels, manage orders efficiently, and track inventory in real-time. In addition, its powerful analytics tools provide insights into customer buying patterns, enabling businesses to make better decisions. Generator B2B is a complete solution, providing the tools and resources businesses need to manage their eCommerce operations.

Besides it’s many award winning eCommerce capabilities, the Generator B2B platform uses second tech stack combination for product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), and content management (CMS), to provide world-class performance compared to other B2B eCommerce solutions. The product information management helps to keep product information up-to-date, organized, and easily searchable, while digital asset management ensures that customers have access to the latest images, videos, and other materials related to a product. The content management component of the system helps to manage web content, marketing campaigns, and other related tasks. All of these powerful features work together streamlining business-related processes and make it easier for staff to continuously improve information output, and for customers to efficiently find what they are looking to buy.

The Generator B2B is a scalable platform that is easily adjustable, and customizable to your specific business complexities and requirements, providing business with the feature-rich functionality needed to excel in a wide range of industries, including wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, retail and consumer goods.

The Generator B2B eCommerce platform ensures your business is equipped to consistently exceed expectations, and continuously reach your company’s next level sales growth.

Generator B2B eCommerce Features Include:

  • Comprehensive: The Generator is an innovative suite of modules that provide comprehensive applications to better manage all aspects of the business
  • Scalability: Flexible and customizable with a company’s needs, allowing it to grow with the company as it expands
  • Automation: Able to automate many of the redundant processes that are traditionally done manually
  • ROI: Affordable for any size business. Cost-effective system and operational efficiencies that save significant time and money overall
  • Collaboration: Enables collaboration between departments, allowing for more streamlined, efficient, and effective workflows
  • User Experience: Provides a user-friendly interface and experience for employees, customers, and partners for easy utilization
  • Integrations: Integrates with hundreds of other existing systems, allowing for a seamless flow of data and information
  • Globalization: Global ready with multiple languages, currencies, value-added tax (VAT), country of origin, and Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes
  • Analytics: Data-driven insights, analytics and reporting capabilities that allow businesses to make more informed decisions
  • Data Security: PCI compliant enterprise-level secure environment for the data storage and processing of large volumes of orders
  • Fast Flexible Deployment: With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to working with your team to ensure swift and efficient deployment