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Generator Enterprise All-In-One

Generator Enterprise All-In-One Platform

With the Generator Enterprise all-in-one platform, you don’t need to have multiple systems to get the very best in next-generation multichannel sales capabilities, resourceful management, and omnichannel marketing automation.

The Generator Enterprise All-in-One features built-in B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2B2X, (all types of eCommerce), Inventory Management, Order  Management, Warehouse Management, Digital, Print and email Omnichannel Marketing Automation, Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, Content Management, Marketplace Sales Automation, Print and Online Catalog Production, Multi-Store eCommerce, Vendor Connectivity, Customer Relationship Management, Detailed Reports and Analytics, and much more.

With over 20 years as trusted software developers to all sizes suppliers, manufacturers and retailers, we’ve walked in your shoes and know the smallest details in creating the right business-building tools required to thrive, like advanced pricing controls, component kitting, product bundling, multi-location inventory, sales flyers and price list builder, automated email marketing tools, automated sales cycles and drip marketing, form builder, page builder, multi-currencies, multi-languages, advanced search technologies, all built-in as one powerfully integrated offering. 

The Generator All-In-One has all of these features and more for maximizing your business. Our robust platform also allows you to easily integrate other software as well. Imagine not having to worry about making sure all of these components work seamlessly together. With the Generator Enterprise All-In-One, we make your job more manageable. 

Managment Highlights

  • Maximize efficiencies with product data in one central repository
  • Re-purpose and effectively coordinate product information consistently across multiple sales channels
  • Instantly create a Business to Business website (B2B) with every world-class feature
  • Increase sales and streamline the process in market channels, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Reverb, and more.
  • Improve your customer buying experience and brand loyalty
  • Instantly create dealer websites, or in-store sales kiosks, complete with their own branding and prices
  • Manage and deliver consistent product data feed to UNLIMITED websites – simultaneously
  • Reduces digital and print development time and cost by up to 90%
  • Immediate real-time for e-publishing media production
  • Effectively and accurately manage product content for simultaneous internet and print production
  • Reduce costs in sales, marketing, and IT
  • Simplified flow of product information between departments throughout the enterprise
  • Significantly shorten the product time-to-market cycle

Content and Product Information Management

  • Enter product information one time that can be instantly repurposed
  • Automatically generates both print and web images from a single image file
  • Detailed product descriptions, bullet points, notes, videos, and spec sheets can be added to any product
  • Product information updates happen instantly, ensuring accuracy and uniformity
  • Coordinate all product information consistently across channels
  • Create informational and landing pages

Enterprise Order Management

  • Generator Enterprise Order Management is your business operating system for efficiency and productivity, while constantly driving sales, cost savings, and improved margins
  • A rich feature system that includes order management, multichannel management, inventory management, purchasing, insightful reporting, and analytics
    Designed to move orders quickly and efficiently from capture to warehouse and ultimately fulfillment, the customer remains the center of your operation at all times
    Smoothly coordinates order management across sales and fulfillment channels
  • Intuitive order pick tickets allow orders to be pulled in a logical flow based on the item’s warehouse location
    Set employees and sales representatives to specific tasks or pages within the order process to perform roles or functions
  • Beginning to end, a streamlined and effective order management process for your business

Business to Business eCommerce

  • Visitors see products in detail with list prices – only logged-in customers see wholesale pricing and customer-specific cost prices
  • Shop by “Today’s Deals” – Always be promoting your current sale and special items
  • Shop by “Brands” – Brand logos directly link to the products
  • Shop by “What’s New” – Directly linked to your latest products
  • Shop by “Categories” – Shop fast, three-click shopping
  • Shop by “Closeouts and Bargains” – Consistently sell discontinued, stagnated, and B stock inventory
  • Shop by “Department” – Display products within the specific departments
  • Advanced search capabilities – Creates user-friendly and interactive searches
  • Quick order composer – Fast order entry, by model number and quantity
  • Customer-specific prices – Customers see their own confidential specific cost prices
  • Quantity discount prices – Show price breaks for volume purchasing
  • Level pricing for specific groups
  • Show exact inventory levels, or traffic lights for stock levels: Green = in stock, Yellow = low stock level (call for availability), Red = temporarily out of stock
  • Applications for customer accounts and terms – Fully customize your forms to easily get the exact information you need
  • Customer-specific website preferences – Customers can personalize their website experience: favorite departments, order fulfillment, sort order, view mode, font size
  • Track orders – Customers and view orders with status and tracking information
  • View saved orders – Ability to view all orders, save and submit at any time
  • Multiple languages – Option to allow customers to shop in their own language
  • Multiple currencies – Option to allow customers to shop in their own currency
  • Two user view modes for product display – Grid or quick view
  • Export settings – Establish minimum orders, price levels, terms, payments, products, limits
  • Informational pages – Customize for any use
  • Analytics-enabled – Detailed reports that track website traffic in depth
  • Design your own custom B2B website look and feel – customizable website template
  • Mobile Friendly -Fully Responsive Web Design
  • View the website in multiple languages, and currencies
  • Administration permissions system defining access levels for roles and users
  • Batch import and export of catalog and customer information
  • Dropship with customer logo on packing slip
  • Place advertising banners on websites, track per click or by a designated length of time
  • Customer groups
  • Product bundles
  • Recently viewed and compare products
  • Shows cross-sell and recommended products

Digital and Print Module

  • Create product catalogs with accurate up-to-the-minute consumer or dealer prices
  • Produce print-ready media in substantially less time, while being more cost-effective
  • Reduce production time, and time to market by as much as 90%
  • Dynamically produce multiple forms of print and digital without the need for design software
  • Create digital catalogs with hyperlinks to the website for instant ordering
  • Create sales flyers, price lists, postcards, order forms, and more
  • Instantly produce price-lists
  • Dynamically created page numbers, headers, and footers
  • Automatic catalog page index
  • The Generator knows where every item is on every page
  • Fully customizable page templates and layouts
  • Page tabs (colored) can be added to sections
  • CMYK colors, print ready
  • PDF Output in multiple printer formats
  • Upload custom, informational, or advertising pages into your catalogs

Dealer eNetwork Multi-Store Syndication

  • Your products, instantly appear on reseller websites complete and up-to-date, with the reseller’s personal branding and pricing
  • Easily manage your product feed from the central data repository admin, delivering consistent and specific product content to up to thousands of reseller websites simultaneously
  • Data feed shows complete descriptions, images, prices, stock levels (optional), sale items, video, and audio clips, PDFs, cross-sells, and up-sells
  • Shorten product time to market Products, promotions, sale items, and data updates appear instantly on reseller websites
  • Provides instant world-class websites with every big box store feature that your reseller needs to effectively sell online
  • Compound your sales promotions by instantly placing new products and sale items onto your dealer’s website home page
  • The Generator central repository contains all your inventory items, you control reseller approval for brands and products
  • Self-service sign-up process Your reseller applies from a link on your website or from your email, you approve them, they log in and add a logo and price margin to the website that comes complete with all authorized products
  • Websites can be offered for a low cost, for achieving a set sales volume, or free to resellers
  • Advertising banners can be sent from the Generator to the websites, for products, brands, or vendors Ads can be either sold per click or for a designated length of time, creating additional promotions or revenue streams
  • Help resellers to better sell your products by providing them with the right product data and online solutions to succeed

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • Leverage a complete view across the entire customer life-cycle to optimize your relationship with each individual customer
  • Phone system integration with auto-dialing, to increase call contacts and speed efficiency, complete with call logging, time, date, and notes
  • Role-based defined roles and permissions for users, such as what they can get access to and what level of access they are allowed for each page.
  • Automated Sales Cycle – schedule a cycle of automated emails and targeted information to specific customers increasing contact between your sales calls
  • Lead management to build prospects into customers
  • Easily view detailed customer account history, active orders, and most purchased items
  • Compile sales representative call lists
  • Logs sent customer emails
  • Product-specific and price-level quotes
  • Task scheduling and calendar
  • Intuitive reporting and dashboard

Vendor Connect Portal

  • Vendor Connect is a secure portal for vendors within the Generator for integration with products and purchasing
  • Vendors can log in to upload and maintain their product content and data
  • Products uploaded by vendors are held in a staging area to be approved and finalized
  • Reminder emails can be automatically sent to vendors on a timed basis requesting their assistance in updating their product data
  • Our distributed order orchestration enables companies to smoothly process orders to multiple vendors for fulfillment
  • Optimizes enterprise-wide inventory
  • Delivers speed to market

Why Run Your Business on the Generator ?

  • Comprehensive: The Generator is an innovative suite of modules that provide comprehensive applications to better manage all aspects of the business
  • Scalability: Flexible and customizable with a company’s needs, allowing it to grow with the company as it expands
  • Automation: Able to automate many of the redundant processes that are traditionally done manually
  • ROI: Affordable for any size business. Cost-effective system and operational efficiencies that save significant time and money overall
  • Collaboration: Enables collaboration between departments, allowing for more streamlined, efficient, and effective workflows
  • User Experience: Provides a user-friendly interface and experience for employees, customers, and partners for easy utilization
  • Integrations: Integrates with hundreds of other existing systems, allowing for a seamless flow of data and information
  • Globalization: Global ready with multiple languages, currencies, value-added tax (VAT), country of origin, and Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes
  • Analytics: Data-driven insights, analytics and reporting capabilities that allow businesses to make more informed decisions
  • Data Security: PCI compliant enterprise-level secure environment for the data storage and processing of large volumes of orders
  • Fast Flexible Deployment: With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to working with your team to ensure swift and efficient deployment
Cutting-Edge Solutions Features Diagram