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B2B e-Commerce Generator is a business proprietary software (SAAS) and B2B e-Commerce Site. The Generator offers multiple business operations, management and eCommerce performance that stimulate efficiencies and business growth.

Our software provides for multiple operations solutions including product management, Inventory management, CRM, Sales, and Marketing, connecting your product to eCommerce solutions in an all in one platform to better run and manage a business.

The simple way to manage and sell between businesses online 

Everything you need, all in one place 

Integrated Marketing,

Sales and CRM

Pipeline the sales of your online business through robust automated marketing tools and features generating waves of business growth.

Manage Business


Multiple Stores Online

Multiple online store bundles.

Offer your customers, re-sellers and product reps an online store full of your products

Brand your site with modern eCommerce eSydications sites, modern designs for multiple sites purchased in groups with bold functionalities. Sell or give sites as a marketing incentive to the reseller in order to extend your product sales among a network of sites or sell the sites as a part of your product lines while gaining a competitive advantage in your market place.  

Generator ERP

Manage the front and back end of your

business lines with a number of 

administration features and functionalities

that cover every area of business. 

B2C Pro-Active eCommerce

The simple way to sell online.

Everything you need, all in one place 

Starting at $29/mo


$1 for the First Month with code:



Mobile and Hand Held POS, Order Processing

RepFirmware makes sales simple. Sales Reps are able to take orders, then process them through your organization directly to the warehouse for immediate shipping and fulfillment.

Market place feeds, SEO

and Analytics Automations

Rich product feeds into the top market places including Amazon to sell your products in multiple locations at one time. Top-performing SEO, keyword ranking with bold content optimizing search engine performance. Track all of your online Social Media Marketing performance the Google Analytics integrated functionality.

Total Packages...

Turnkey solutions providing everything you would like, need in an end to end solution suiting all areas of your business.

Cutting-Edge IQ

Identify visitors from your website, automatically generate leads with qualified information. Cutting-Edge IQ Identifies and provides valuable organized visitor data/information, detailed information for all traffic visitors that come to your site, producing qualified leads and customers.  








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