Maximizing Data into

Sales and Marketing


The central management of master data and product information is key

to your companies multi-channel success.

Streamline Effort. Maximize Output. Reduce cost.


B2B Business

ERP operations solutions and eCommerce Bundles

B2B e-Commerce Generator is a business proprietary software (SAAS) and B2B e-Commerce Site. The Generator offers multiple business operations, management and eCommerce performance that stimulate efficiencies and business growth.

Our software provides for multiple operations solutions including product management, Inventory management, CRM, Sales, and Marketing, connecting your product to eCommerce solutions in an all in one platform to better run and manage a business.

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B2B2C Multi-eCommerce

Provide Multiple Stores Online

Multiple online stores for your business, and everyone's customers full of your products

Multiple online store bundles.

Offer your customers, re-sellers and product reps an online store full of your products


ERP, Finance

and Administrations Solutions

Manage the front and back end of your

business lines with a number of 

administration features and functionalities

that cover every area of business. 

The best way to sell online

Every sales and marketing feature you need 

all in one easy-to-use platform.


In Our Customers Own Words


"The feature-packed Generator System has given us a much larger web presence and in just a year, our web orders have increased over 50%.  It has also saved us a lot of money in man-hours... we can now send an email blast to all of our customers in minutes where it used to take our marketing department a full day to prepare. The Generator is worth the price for this feature alone, but it does so much more"


- Marty Stenzler, Founder 

"The Generator features available to a manufacturer or a distributor are endless!

They allow the manufacturer to communicate to their dealers through newsletters, specials, catalogs, email campaigns and more!

One of the best business decisions I have ever made in over 30 years!"

—  John Bertrand Sr., President

 "I would recommend Pro-Active Commerce to anyone, but my competition!"


—  Ted Eschliman,

      Director Of Marketing