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Management Highlights

  • Maximize efficiencies with product data in one central repository

  • Re-purpose and effectively coordinate product information consistently across multiple sales channels

  • Instantly create a Business to Business website (B2B) with every world-class feature

  • Increase sales and streamline the process in market channels, including Amazon, and eBa.

  • Improve your customer buying experience and brand loyalty

  • Instantly create dealer websites, or in-store sales kiosks, complete with their own branding and prices

  • Manage and deliver consistent product data feed for up to thousands of dealer websites – simultaneously

  • Reduces digital and print development time and cost by up to 90%

  • Immediate real-time for e-publishing media production

  • Effectively and accurately manage product content for simultaneous internet and print production

  • Reduce costs in sales, marketing and IT

  • A simplified flow of product information between departments throughout the enterprise

  • Significantly shorten the product time-to-market cycle

Content and Product Information Management

  • Enter product information one-time that can be instantly repurposed

  • Automatically generates both print and web images from a single image file

  • Detailed product description, bullet points, notes, videos, and spec sheets can be added to any product

  • Product information updates happen instantly, ensuring accuracy and uniformity

  • Coordinate all product information consistently across channels

  • Create informational and landing pages

Enterprise Order Management

  • Generator Enterprise Order Management is your business operating system for efficiency and productivity, while constantly driving sales, cost savings, and improved margins

  • A rich feature system that includes order management, multichannel management, inventory management, purchasing, insightful reporting, and analytics

  • Designed to move orders quickly and efficiently from capture to warehouse and ultimate fulfillment, the customer remains the center of your operation at all times

  • Smoothly coordinates order management across sales and fulfillment channels

  • Intuitive order pick tickets allow orders to be pulled in a logical flow based on the items warehouse location

  • Set employees and sales representatives to specific tasks or pages within the order process to perform roles or functions

  • Beginning to end, a streamlined and effective order management process for your business

Business to Business eCommerce

  • Visitors see products in detail with list prices – only logged in customers see dealer pricing and customer specific cost prices

  • Shop by “Today’s Deals” – Always be promoting your current sale and special items

  • Shop by “Brands” – Brand logos directly link to the products and shown by category

  • Shop by “What’s New” – Directly linked to your latest products

  • Shop by “Categories” – Shop fast, three click shopping

  • Shop by “Closeouts and Bargains” – Consistently sell discontinued, stagnate and B stock inventory

  • Shop by “Department” – Display products within the specific departments

  • Advanced search capabilities with AJAX search – Creates user-friendly and interactive searches

  • Quick order composer – Fast order entry, by model number and quantity

  • Customer specific prices – Customers see their own confidential specific cost prices

  • Quantity discount prices – Show price breaks for volume purchasing

  • Level pricing for specific groups

  • Customer specific cost prices

  • Show exact inventory levels, or traffic lights for stock levels: Green = in stock, Yellow = low stock level (call for availability), Red = temporarily out of stock

  • Applications for a customer accounts and terms – Fully customize your forms to easily get the exact information you need

  • Customer specific website preferences – Customers can personalize their website experience: favorite departments, order fulfillment, sort order, view mode, font size

  • Track orders – Customers and view orders with status and tracking information

  • View saved orders – Ability to view all orders, save and submit at any time

  • Multiple languages – Option to allow customers to shop in their own language

  • Multiple currencies – Option to allow customers to shop in their own currency

  • Two user view modes for product display – Grid or quick view

  • Export settings – Establish minimum orders, price levels, terms, payments, products, limits

  • Informational pages – Customize for any use

  • Analytics-enabled – Detailed reports that track website traffic in depth

  • Design your own custom B2B website look and feel – customizable website template

  • Mobile Friendly

  • View the website in multiple languages, and currencies

  • Administration permissions system defining access levels for roles and users

  • Batch import and export of catalog and customer information

  • Search engine friendly URL’s

  • Meta-information for products, categories, and content pages

  • Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

  • Dropship with customer logo on packing slip

  • Place advertising banners on websites, track per click or by a designated length of time

  • Customer groups

  • Product bundles

  • Recently viewed and compare products

  • Shows cross-sell and recommended products

Digital and Print Module

  • Create product catalogs with accurate up-to-the-minute consumer or dealer prices

  • Produce print-ready media in substantially far less time, and more cost effectively than current methods

  • Reduce production time, and time to market by as much as 90%

  • Dynamically produce multiple forms of print and digital without the need for design software

  • Create digital catalogs with hyperlinks to website for instant ordering

  • Create sales flyers, price lists, postcards, order forms and more

  • Instantly produce price lists (dealer or consumer)

  • Dynamically created page numbers, headers, and footers

  • Automatic catalog page index

  • The Generator know where every item is on every page

  • Fully customizable page templates and layouts

  • Page tabs (colored) can be added to sections

  • Free-form module customizes recurring cell set-up

  • CMYK colors

  • PDF Output in multiple printer formats

  • Upload custom, informational or advertising pages into your catalogs

Dealer eNetwork

  • Your products, instantly appear on reseller websites complete and up-to-date, with the resellers personal branding and pricing.

  • Easily manage your product feed from the central data repository admin, delivering consistent and specific product content to up to thousands of reseller websites simultaneously.

  • Data feed shows complete descriptions, images, prices, stock levels (optional), sale items, video and audio clips, PDF’s, cross-sells and up-sells.

  • Shorten product time to market. Products, promotions, sale items and data updates appear instantly on reseller websites.

  • Provides instant world-class websites with every big box store feature that your reseller needs to effectively sell online.

  • Compound your sales promotions by instantly placing new products and sale items onto your dealer’s website home page.

  • The Generator central repository contains all your inventory items, you control reseller approval for brands and products.

  • Self-service sign up process. Your reseller applies from a link on your website or from your email, you approve them, they log in and add a logo and price margin to the website that comes complete with all authorized products.

  • Websites can be offered for a low cost, for achieving a set sales volume, or free to resellers.

  • Advertising banners can be sent from the Generator to the websites, for products, brands, or vendors. Ads can be either sold per click or by a designated length of time, creating an additional promotion or revenue streams.

  • Help resellers to better sell your products by providing them with the right product data and online solution to succeed.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • Leverage a complete view across the entire customer life-cycle to optimize your relationship with each individual customer

  • Phone system integration with auto dialing, to increase call contacts and speed efficiency, complete with call logging, time, date, and notes

  • Role-based defined roles and permissions for user, such as what they can get access to and what level of access they are allowed for each page.

  • Automated Sales Cycle – schedule a cycle of automated emails and targeted information to specific customers increasing contact between your sales calls

  • Lead management to build prospects into customers

  • Easily view detailed customer account history, active orders, and most purchased items

  • Compile sales representative call lists
    Logs customer emails with notes

  • Product specific and price level quotes

  • Task scheduling and calendar

  • Intuitive reporting and dashboard

Vendor Connect Portal

  • Vendor Connect is a secure portal for vendors within the Generator for integration with products and purchasing

  • Vendors can log in to upload and maintain their product content and data

  • Products uploaded by vendors are held in a staging area to be approved and finalized

  • Reminder emails can be automatically sent to vendors on a timed basis requesting their assistance for updating their product data

  • Our distributed order orchestration enables companies to smoothly process orders to multiple vendors for fulfillment

  • Optimizes enterprise-wide inventory

  • Delivers speed to market

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