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Your products, instantly appear on reseller websites
complete and up-to-date, with the resellers personal branding and pricing.


  • Easily manage your product feed from the central data repository admin, delivering consistent and specific product content to up to thousands of reseller websites simultaneously.

  • Data feed shows complete descriptions, images, prices, stock levels (optional), sale items, video and audio clips, PDF’s, cross-sells and up-sells.

  • Shorten product time to market. Products, promotions, sale items and data updates appear instantly on reseller websites.

  • Provides instant world-class websites with every big box store feature that your reseller needs to effectively sell online.

  • Compound your sales promotions by instantly placing new products and sale items onto your dealer’s website home page.

  • The Generator central repository contains all your inventory items, you control reseller approval for brands and products.

  • Self-service sign up process. Your reseller applies from a link on your website or from your email, you approve them, they log in and add a logo and price margin to the website that comes complete with all authorized products.

  • Websites can be offered for a low cost, for achieving a set sales volume, or free to resellers.

  • Advertising banners can be sent from the Generator to the websites, for products, brands, or vendors. Ads can be either sold per click or by a designated length of time, creating an additional promotion or revenue streams.

  • Help resellers to better sell your products by providing them with the right product data and online solution to succeed.



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