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B2B Generator ERP/eCommerce

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 Customer Experience B2B Front End


  • Visitors view products in detail with retail prices - Customers "log in" to view their customer-specific prices and access to features.


  • Responsive website design - Looks great on all devices, phones, pads, laptops, and PCs.


  • Shop by "Department" - Display products within the specific departments.


  • Shop by "Today's Deals" - Always promote the current sales and special items.


  • Shop by "Brands” - Brand logos directly linked to the brands, products shown by category.

  • Shop by "What's New" - Directly linked to the latest items.

  • Shop by "Categories" - Shop ultra-fast 3 click shopping, with the ability to upload category images.

  • Shop by "Closeouts and Bargains" - Consistently move overstock or B inventory.

  • Advanced search - Full-text search server, designed for top performance and relevance.

  • Search suggestions - Intuitive drop-down menu of products are displayed as the text is entered in the search field.


  • Quick order composer - Fast efficient order entry by model number and quantity.  Search is equipped to show descriptions and display choices for unknown model numbers.


  • Customer-specific prices - Customers see their own confidential specific cost prices.

  • Quantity discount price breaks - Shows price breaks for volume purchasing.

  • Level Pricing - Set price levels for specific products and assign customers to those levels.

  • Show exact inventory levels, or traffic lights display stock levels:  Green = in stock, Yellow = low stock level (call for availability), Red = temporarily out of stock.

  • Compare products - Customers can compare products, view features, and prices, side by side.



Customer Experience B2B Account Manager


  • Applications for customer accounts - Customizable forms for detailed customer information.

  • Customized responder emails - Customizable auto-responder email templates, for all website customer contact points.

  • Customer-specific website preferences - Personalized website experience sets specific categories (on/off), order fulfillment, custom packing slip, sort order, and font sizes.

  • Track orders - Customers view orders with status and tracking information.


  • View saved orders - Ability to view all orders, save and submit at any time.


  • Multiple languages - Translation option allows customers to shop in a preferred language.


  • Multiple currencies - Currency converter option allows customers to view prices in their own currency.


  • View modes for product display - Grid (3 products across), list mode, or quick view.


  • Informational pages - Easily add additional informational pages customizable with a rich text editor (WYSIWYG).


  • International export - Establish minimum orders, price levels, terms, payments, products, limits.


  • Set buyers and access - Customers set-up their own account information, user personnel, and preferences.



Administration Experience B2B



  • Shop by "What's New" - Dynamically created by date entered and set length of time as new.

  • Shop by "Today's Deals" - Dynamically created by making an email blast, or placing an item on sale for a set length of time.

  • Comprehensive Analytics - Detailed web analytics by Google track and report website traffic and patterns in depth.

  • Customizable website template - Easily create your own website design, look and feel.

  • Slideshow banners - Easily upload slideshow advertising banners with hyperlinks to products or pages.


  • Advertising banners - Additional revenue may be created by offering your vendors ads for their products and brands per click, or designated length of time.

  • Social Media links - Dynamically created with hyperlinks.

Cutting-Edge B2C Websites
Multi-Store eCommerce
Cutting-Edge HUB

Have a comprehensive ERP and a rich B2B eCommerce website in an all in one solution full of features, functionalities, and benefits. 



B2B Generator ERP/eCommerce 

B2B Generator eCommerce Website

Most Popular Market Places Features and Integrations

Shopping Cart Features and Functionalities

Fully Responsive Website

Customizable Site Design

(ASC) Automated Sales Processing (optional)

​(CRM) Customer Relationship Management

(ASC) Automatic Campaigning

Instant Custom Catalog Creations

Flip Catalog Services

Advertising and Promotions

(ASC) Sales and Marketing

Leads and Lists Management


Protocols and Admin Features

Product Management

Inventory Management

Vendors Management

Accounting and Finance Options

Customer Account Management


Order Management

Order History and Favorites

Pick Tickets

Advanced Pricing

Custom Pricing Methods

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Shipping and Delivery Options

Customizable Data Imports/Exports

Social Media Tools


Over 2000 Integrations

Advanced Search Enabled





Custom Page Creations

International Options

Multiple Product Views Display



B2C Pro-Active Websites

B2C eCommerce Website

Email and Social Media Campaigning

Advertising, Promotions Digital and Print Creations

Customer History

Customer Activity Tracking

Product Management

Customizable Site Design

Data Management


Fully Responsive Website


Shopping Cart Features and Functionalities




Multiple Stores Online

Customer Signup

Instant Set-Up

Product Data Feed





Data Hub

Data Migrations

Data Entry

Data Management

Data Re-purposing


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